Paperless Billing


Tired of your water bill getting lost in the mail? Everyone knows those little post cards can easily be misplaced. We now offer the Paperless Billing option! This means you will no longer have to rely on the mail service and you will receive your bill much quicker.

To enroll, go to our Online Account page from our website and login/register your online account. You can find the Paperless Billing option under the “Billing” tab towards the top of your screen. You then can opt out of receiving your bill by mail and start receiving it by email and/or text. Once the bills are processed in our system every month, you will receive a notification when your bill is ready to be viewed online.

To make things even more worry-free, don’t forget to sign up for the Automatic Payments! Your monthly bill will be automatically deducted on the due date each month.

Enrolling with the “Text Services” you will now have the ability to pay your bill directly from your phone with the saved payment profile you have online. If you are signed up with the Automatic Payments, the notification will remind you that your account balance will be paid on the due date.

Already signed up for Automatic Bank Draft in the office? You can still take advantage of the Paperless Billing option for your account!

If you have any questions or concerns just give us a call at 940-668-8337.